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NS3309 1d CCD barcode scanner for inventory

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--Processor:  32-bit high-speed ARM series CPU

--Flash memory:  4MB, storage more than 50,000 data

--Interfaces:  USB

--Case Material:  ABS

--Wireless Communication:  433MHZ, CRC Validation

--Output Power:  +10dB

--Power supply:  2pcs 5AA or 1.2V rechargeable battery,support USB charging 

--Transmission distance:  50-100m

--Screen:   2.2'' TFT color LCD screen, white backlight

--Size/N.W:   165 x 65 (54) x 38 (26) mm, about 180 grams

--Scan speed:   300times/second

--Keyboard:   24-key high quality silicone keyboard

--Working time:   10-50 hours, at least 50,000 scans

--Decoding Capability:   EAN13, EAN8, 39, 93, 128, cross 25 (IT25), Codebar, UPCA, UPCE, QRcode, PDF417, DataMatrix, etc

--Packing:   23*12.5*9cm

--Support:  Real-time transmission

--Three specifications:   

(1) 650nm  laser (unreadable screen code, two-dimensional code),

(2) Red light image (unreadable QR code),

(3) 2D image (readable all 1D 2D barcode)


-- Anti-skid body design, easy to hold ; Equipped with keyboard, you can manual input the damaged barcode throgh the keyboard ; and 2.2-inch HD screen , display the main menu, signal and power easy to operate

-- No any drive needed. Read all the standard 1D bar codes on screen ; also Ideal use in a wide range of situations and workplaces for businesses, shops and warehouse operations  

--Focus wireless&wired scan-date collect-inventory 4 functions in one device  ; easy to carry and transmission

--With a 4MB flash memory that can save up to 50,000 codes. Supports a wide range of barcodes types: EAN13, EAN8, 39 yards, 93 yards, 128 yards, IT25, Codebar, UPCA, UPCE etc.

--The barcode reader uses the wireless frequency of 433MHZ, two-way communication. The screen shows the signal strength indicator. Maximum support for 32 wireless channels, unimpeded in the actual use of the environment, the transmission distance of 50-100 meters

--Compatible with Windows ; Also we here also have another moudle they can scan the code bar not only 1D also 2d on the iPad, tablet, smart phone with screen( 1d laser and 2D QR scanner )

--With fast scanning speed ,300times/second

--With the function to setting , increase efficiency based on individual needs

--Can save around 50,000 barcode date per times ; transfer all dates one time to computer by cable or USB receiver

-- IP54 standard and withstand 3M drops

NS3309 1d CCD barcode scanner for inventory
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